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About Us

IISD was founded in 1994 by young talented, enthusiastic, like minded and experienced persons to undertake various social and developmental activities in rural and urban areas. Its vision statement is:

"To help and transform the underprivileged and downtrodden sections into equitable and knowledgeable society with growth opportunities for everyone through community sharing and caring"

IISD has emerged as a leading NGO in north India working for sustainable livelihood of small, marginal and women farmers. The main thrust of its activities is around sustainable (ecological) agriculture.

Other livelihood related intervention areas of the organization are environment and health, natural resource management and disaster management. Working directly with the communities, action researches, participatory planning and community-monitoring, advocacy and networking are a few key modes of intervention, IISD has adopted in its activities.

The institute seeks to identify and contribute to the solution of the environmental and social deve­lopmental problems of the state, national and/or of international importance. The institute works mainly in the field of action oriented work, training, experimentation, welfare and developmen­tal efforts which are innovative in nature.