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Environment Education

To activate public movement for environment conservation, creating awareness is crux of the problem. In this regards it is important to create awareness at all levels particularly schools. At this stage minds are very fertile and any positive idea can be planted for bright future with the help of scientific thinking. Considering this fact and need of the hour, IISD is regularly conducting various programme on science popularization and environment conservation for last 10-12 years, for school children with help of govt. and private agencies.

1. Science Clubs in Schools

  Activities of a science club in progress  

IISD in collaboration with Vigyan Prasar, New Delhi initiated science clubs in 50-60 schools of Lucknow, Barabanki and Unnao districts. IISD has launched Clean Lucknow, Clean Barabanki and Clean Unnao District campaigns in these clubs for creating awareness on various environmental issues among the students so as to sensitize them towards their active role in conservation. In these science clubs students are trained to manage their domestic waste, convert it into vermi-compost for their garden and manage waste as well as rain water in their schools and colonies. Some demonstration models had been established in schools so that large number of students could be made aware of these practices.

2. Medicinal Plant Gardens in the Schools

  Teacher and students at one of the medicinal plants garden at a school  

Under the CLEAN Campaign, IISD has established Herbal gardens in various schools so that students can have first hand experience about our herbal wealth and they after identification of herbal plant can help in conservation of the same and also can use it for their betterment.

3. Vermi-composting Units at Schools

To train students about domestic waste management small models of vermi-composting had been established in schools so that they can observe and replicate it at their homes to manage kitchen waste. Through this process IISD has tried to reduce the pressure of waste generation in the city of Lucknow.

4. Water Testing

  Students being taught water-testing technique  

Clean water is a necessity for every one without which no creature can survive on this earth. To Make student aware about this precious resource and the parameters about drinking water, IISD with the help of small kit involved students so that could able to know the quality of water they are using in their homes. The students were also given exposure about the testing of water of wells, pounds and river in their city.

5. Air Testing

  School students carrying out air testing  

Clean Air is the second essential component required to live on the earth. Race of development had polluted this air and in turn which creating several problems to all living creatures. To know and test the quality of air students were provided with small kit to check the presence of NO2 and SO2 level along with the number of suspended particulate matter. Students enjoy while testing the quality of air on their own.

6. Testing of Adulteration in Food Stuff

Traders across the country for their increased profit try to adulterate the food stuff which in tern creates lots of health problems among the public. To create awareness among the public and students IISD developed small kit and trained students to check majority of food stuffs used in day-to-day life. When the students check the food stuff on their own and come to know about the low quality of stuff they are using then they are advised to use ISI or AGMARKED things to be safe.

7. Anti-Cracker Campaigns

During the festival of Depawali people burn lots of crackers and this large scale burning produces hazardous gases which persist for long in the atmosphere and create health problems. To sensitize the students about the problems associated and promote them to reduce the use of crackers and celebrate the festivals with light, various activities are conducted like rallies, meetings, plays etc.

8. Herbal Holi Colours

This Holi festival is also very famous among the students and synthetic colours used by people create health hazards and even some time take toll of death. So to avoid such happenings, IISD tried some herbal colours and Gulal and trained students to prepare these colours at home with easily available ingredients in their homes. Students were very happy to know and practice such things as no one want to get troubled in the festivals and with these colours they enjoyed a lot.

9. Science Popularization Workshops

To inculcate the scientific thinking among the students IISD at regular interval conduct various workshops and programmes for the students and teachers like Industry Visit Programme (where students see how various industry function and what are the scientific equipments used there), Meet the Scientist (here students closely see scientists working in various laboratories and interact with them to the problems they are working upon), Model Rocketry (to know about the processes through which rockets sent in the space, what are the principals etc.), Laser Workshop (to know about the various theories about Laser and its implications), Science Motivation Programme (to prepare the students for scientific thinking by giving first hand experience on various field of science).

10. Plantation Drives

Time to time IISD organize plantation drives for students in various parks and colonies so that they could help in conserving the forest wealth which is only source of fresh air. For last 10 years 1000s of tree had been planted in schools, parks, hospitals etc.