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Rural Technology Development and Dissemination Centre

IISD's Rural Technology Development and Dissemination Centre (RTDDC) is spread on 4 acres of land at Amarsanda village of Nindura block in Barabanki district. The main objective of the centre is to develop various farm-based and non-farm technologies for the welfare of farmers, youths and women folks.

It is planned to equip the centre with number of demonstration technologies, viz., vermi-composting, mushroom cultivation, organic nursery raising for medicinal and economically important plants, candle and leaf cup plate making, water harvesting, bio-gas, integrated farming, etc. The improved animal husbandry practices such as promotion of barberry bread of goats, Yorkshire bread of pig, etc., is also under consideration.

Library-cum-Resource Centre

The library of IISD is equipped with approximately 4500 latest books magazines and journals covering wide range of topics, viz., Environment, Education, Computer Science, Health, Rural Development, Human Right, Economics, Social Science, Women and Child Development, etc. The main emphasis is given to the books on socio-economic and environmental issues. The institute is regularly subscribing number of journals/periodicals/newsletters/magazines from national and international organisations. IISD also has a large collection of reports/proceedings from various national and international agencies.

The Library-cum-Resource Centre is a specialised information centre, engaged in identification, collection, and documentation of information. It also prepares abstracts of research studies and compiles data to strengthen its research and training programmes, integrate and disseminate information and to establish data base. Till date the institute has published more than two dozen books and a dozen encyclopaedias on various environmental and socio-economic topics covering present day national and international problems.

The library is also equipped with multi-media computer and audio-visual systems. E-mail and internet facilities are also available to the fellows. It has number of CDs on different subjects available to all the members and researchers.           

Assets Available

The institute has sufficient assets available at its disposal. These include modes of transport, modes of communication, furniture, computers, peripherals, etc.