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Income Generation

Understanding the livelihood systems of the poor is crucial to effective poverty reduction. Livelihood of the poor can never be understood in any one-track logic – be it economic, social, technical, cultural or political. The livelihood system is more than just a set of physico-economic preconditions for continued existence. IISD is working to create livelihood options in farm and non-farm sector for last 10 years in Urban as well as in rural areas to unemployed youths, marginalized farmers and women folks of weaker sections. The glimpses of various programmes which are being implemented by IISD are mentioned below:

1. Rearing of Bees and Processing of Honey

  A view of bee keepers' training  

This been done by IISD for last 3 years. Till date it has provided more than 70 boxes to the interested farmers and unemployed youths and soled around 40 quintals of honey after processing @ Rs. 100 to 120/- per kgm. IISD also provide all the logistic support to the farmers who had started their own been keeping further more provides handholding for complete one year so that he/she may be fully trained at their own site and also try to extend the marketing support to them so that they could get better price of their produce.

2. Training of New Bee Keepers

During the implementation of DFID programme IISD has promoted around 80 SHGs in the Deva block of Barabanki District. These SHGs are basically women groups and they were provided with many livelihood options. The Bee keeping was one of them and in this trade 50 men & women were provided extensive training so that they could start the practices at their own.

3. Aggarbati and Candle Making

  Agarbatti training in progress  

In collaboration with Department for International Development (DFID), IISD established more than 80 SHGs in the Deva Block of Barabanki District. Most of these groups had been linked with banks and majority of them are enjoying the financial benefits through CCL. Majority of these groups are women SHG and they are being provided training in Agarbati & Candle making trade and more than 50 women were trained in Chikan work.
More than 75 women were provided training in aggarbati making, 25 women were trained in candle making whereas 45 women were trained in Chikan kari work.

4. Mushroom Cultivation

In collaboration with Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi, IISD had organized Mushroom Cultivation training for 50 youth of Kakori Block who had taken this as a very good livelihood options during their spare time. After taking training 35 youths immediately started mushroom production on their own as the investment is very low. Initially IISD provided hand holding for marketing but later they became self sustain to capture the market on their own. They are producing oyster Mushroom, this is sold after drying and can fetch upto Rs. 200 to 250 per kgm (dried weight). Some of them also producing button mushroom which is sold fresh and only in winter season.

5. Screen Printing Training

This programme was organized with support from NABARD and Science & Society Division, New Delhi in rural and urban area respectively. IISD has trained 30 unemployed youths in Screen Printing trade in Sarojini Nagar block of Lucknow District. Out of 30, 17 boys had started their own screen printing centre are now earning around Rs. 150-200 /- per day.

Second programme was organized at Nishatganj area of Lucknow city. During this training 2 batches of 25 each were trained in this trade. This was very successful programme as out of 50 trainees 45 initiated their own job work and started to earn Rs. 150/- to 200/ per day.

6. Vermi-composting

In association with CAPART, IISD facilitated 25 farmers in Tindola Nyaya Panchayat of Deva Block, Barabanki to construct their own vermi-composting units for production of organic compost for their fields. These farmers are now not only producing the compost for their won fields where as selling it to other interested farmers and fetching good amount. Few farmers also started selling earthworms too which is also adding income to their efforts.

7. Computer Training

To fulfill the need of IT professional in the market and to make computer easy access to unemployed youths of weaker sections in the society, IISD 4 years back started computer training programme for the boys and girls. These courses are shot term and long term as per the need of he student. Till date more than 150 students (boys & girls) had been trained and majority of them had been engaged in private offices. Few of them had purchased their own computers and started job work from the market which is also giving them good money. For this training small amount is charged as maintenance charges only.

8. Beautician Training

To develop self confidence in girls of weaker section of the society and to equip them for self employment, IISD 5 years back started this training which was greatly welcomed by the girls. Till date more than 100 girls had been trained and majority of them are engaged in some or the other beauty parlors.