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The main objectives of IISD are to promote Environmental and Social development and to help in the promotion, development and dissemination of knowledge within a multi-disciplinary approach. With a view to achieve the objectives, the Institute shall:

  • Provide a basic forum for issues relating to environmental and social development with emphasis on both the theoretical and applied aspects;
  • Act as a vocational institute for providing training in various income generation trades;
  • Function as a non-profit, voluntary agency which would undertake environmental and social development projects for improving the quality of life of people and creation of environmental awakening as a measure;
  • Undertake studies and offer services to the requirements of government agencies and to cater to the public sector undertakings, academic institutions and private concerns;
  • Promote, organise and undertake programmes for integrated environmental and social development especially in rural areas;
  • Function as an autonomous institute which will undertake and coordinate studies of relevant social development issues and development programmes;
  • Operate a fully equipped and functional data bank on environment and social demographic profile with special reference to India;
  • Undertake documentation studies and programme related to tribal population and take lead in preservation of their cultural heritage;
  • Organise seminar, workshop, conferences, training and capacity building programmes for skill upgradation;
  • To take up programmes for the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage of India while promoting national integration among the people;
  • To develop socio-cultural, mental, moral, educational, artistic and spiritual abilities of the students;
  • To open libraries and reading rooms for those who are still deprived of these facilities in rural and urban areas;
  • To open and manage educational institutions in urban and rural areas;
  • To provide free education to the poor and under privileged section of the society;
  • To take active participation in the programmes implemented for the eradication of unemployment by the government and non-government agencies;
  • To formulate, implement, monitor, research, and evaluate various self-employment schemes, various family welfare, AIDS and other allied schemes, various health, hygiene and sanitation programmes in urban and rural areas;
  • To implement and evaluate various programmes for the development of SC,ST,OBC and Minorities and other economically deprived sections of the urban and rural society;
  • To assist various government and non-government agencies in executing various schemes related to child and women development in urban and rural areas;
  • To construct various structures as and when required for the purpose of developed;
  • To formulate, implement, monitor, research and evaluate various developmental schemes in the field of Agriculture, Horticulture and Irrigation;
  • To help government and other agencies in implementing various developmental schemes for the slum dwellers and other poor section of the society;
  • To take up various developmental projects from Khadi Gramodyog Board, KVIC, etc. to help unemployed youth for income generation;
  • To take up challenging task of implementing various science and technology oriented schemes for improvement of lives of peoples from urban and rural settings;
  • To take up various research, evaluation and implementation projects related to social welfare schemes, drug addiction eradication and rehabilitation schemes;
  • To formulate, implement, monitor, research and evaluate different schemes related to the development of literacy among the adults and non formal education for children;
  • To make efforts to develop peoples participation in the various developmental schemes;
  • To accept donations, contribution, sponsorships, credit etc. from different agencies operating at national and international level for welfare of underprivileged and deprived  sections of the society;
  • To help government and non-government agencies in formulating and implementing various scheme related to disabled and handicapped persons; and
  • To take up various programmes for popularisation of science among the general public especially students.